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  1. Short title and commencement:-
  2. i) This scheme may be called as Grant of subsidy for supply and installation of Solar Water Heating Systems (SWHS) for domestic used to conserve electricity by use of Renewable Energy.

(ii) The subsidy will be provided from GIA received through DST& E   Govt. of Goa.

(iii) It shall come into force with immediate effect.

  1. Introduction to the scheme:-
  2. i) Depletion of conventional Energy Sources is the global problem. There is need to utilize the available Renewable Energy Sources by use of Solar Water Heating Systems in the state

(ii)     The Solar Water Heating Systems (SWHS) is renewable energy device which substitute electricity under the scheme. SWHS are supplied to the beneficiaries on subsidy @ ₹ 2000/- and ₹ 4000/- in the capacity of 100 to 150 lpd and 200 to 250 lpd respectively. Subsidy is given to for both the type of i.e. FPC and ETC based system for domestic use only. Subsidy is released on the applications received from the concern beneficiaries on first come first served basis in the state of Goa.

  1. Government of Goa has launched the scheme for promoting SWHS and desires to extend its support to save energy/electricity by providing Natural sources of energy.
  2. iv) This scheme is therefore formulated in order to promote use of solar power for water heating systems and reduce electrical power consumption.
  3. Objectives of the scheme:-

(i)      This scheme is formulated with the objective of

   a) To promote use of solar water heating system this works on Renewable Energy.

b) To provide assistance for promotion and installation of SWHS systems as Renewable sources of energy in the state.

c) To create awareness and demonstrate effective and innovative use of solar systems for Individual/ Community/ Institutional/Industrial applications.

d) To encourage replacement of kerosene, firewood and electricity wherever possible.




  1. Scope of the scheme:-


  1. i) Financial subsidy under this scheme shall be provided for the following components:


  • Installation of solar water heating system in difference capacity maximum up to 250 lpd for domestic use only.


  1. ii) Financial assistance will be provided in form of subsidy, subject to the condition that ₹ 2000/- for 100 to 150 lpd and ₹ 4000/- for 200 to 250 lpd capacity for ETC and FPC based systems for domestic use only. Initially beneficiaries have to pay full cost of the systems to the supplier, who will install the SWHS systems.
  2. Eligibility for availing benefits under the scheme:-
  3. i) Only those beneficiaries with permanent residence in Goa possessing ration card and Election ID / Adhar Card are entitled for the benefits under scheme on first come first served basis. The House/ terrace should be owned by the beneficiary.
  4. Quantum of financial subsidy under the Scheme:-
  5. i) The total amount of financial subsidy will be restricted to Rs. 50.00 lakhs only in form of subsidy for installations of SWHS systems maximum up to 250lpd capacity for domestic use only.
  6. ii) This assistance shall be provided to the prospective beneficiaries / users directly to their accounts at the rate of Rs. 2000/- for 100 to 150 lpd and Rs. 4000/- for 200 to 250 lpd capacity for domestic use only.

iii) Government reserves the right to stop future grants and also modify the financial quantum, so also the conditions of the scheme, depending upon the budgetary provisions made. Government also reserves the right to sanction the grant to the Institution as well as hold in abeyance or suspend or cancel the scheme, at any point of time; and no claim or appeal or challenge shall lie with any authority or tribunal or court, in respect of this decision of the Government.




  1. Pattern of Assistance of the Scheme:-

(i)      “The GEDA shall be entitled to Government grants based on the estimate approved by the Government in the Budget Estimate during that financial year” for the scheme and will be sanctioned as per the terms and conditions laid by the Government.

(ii)    The grants shall be disbursed to the beneficiary concerned on supply and installations of SWHS systems.

(iii)    The entire amount of the subsidy of the financial year i.e. months of April to March, should be utilized before the month of March of the subsequent year of grant and only for the purpose for which it is sanctioned. Any portion of the grant, which is ultimately not utilized, will be refunded to Government treasury. After ‘utilizing/refunding’ the sanctioned amount, an Utilization Certificate should be furnished to the sanctioning authority as required under Form GFR – 19A.

  1. iv) The account of the Grantee in respect of this grant should be audited by the government approved Auditor / Chartered Accountant and such certificate shall be submitted along with report which is to be submitted for the claim being made for the subsequent year of grant. The accounts of the grants shall be maintained separately and properly from its normal activities and submitted as and when required who may, with prior approval of the Government, institute and conduct an audit with the assistance of the Directorate of Accounts, Government of Goa. The accounts shall be open to the test check by the Comptroller and Auditor General of India at his discretion.
  1. The Audited statement of accounts showing the expenditure incurred by the Grantee from the grants should be furnished to the Government as soon as possible after the close of the financial year or on completion of six months for which the grant is sanctioned together with a certificate from the Auditor to the effect that the grants was utilized for the purpose for which it was sanctioned.


  1. A performance-cum-achievement report specifying in detail the achievements made by the Grantee with the Government grants / amount sanctioned should be furnished to the Department of STE annually before the month of September of the subsequent year of grant.


  • The grantee Institution must exercise reasonable economy, observe all financial proprietary and the financial rules as issued by the Government from time to time while incurring the expenditure.


  • In case of miss utilization of grants, the amount so miss utilized shall be recovered from the Grantee Institution, in a manner as decided by the Government and in terms of the provisions and in accordance to the law in force. The Government shall also initiate appropriate criminal proceedings against the perpetrators.


  1. ix) The amount remaining unspent out of this grant on or before the month of September of the subsequent year of grant, if not adjusted against subsequent sanctions, shall be refunded back to the Government Treasury .
  2. Relaxation of the provisions of the scheme:-

The Government shall be empowered to relax any or all of the clauses or conditions of this scheme in genuine case(s) for sanction of the grant.

  1. Interpretation of the provisions of this scheme:-

If any question arises regarding interpretation of any clause, word, expression of the scheme, the decision about the interpretation shall lie with the Government, which shall be final and binding on all concerned.

  1. Redressed of grievances and dispute:-

Grievances or disputes if any, arising out of implementation of this Scheme, shall be referred to the Secretary, NCES to Government who shall hear and decide such matters and the decision of the Secretary to the Government in this regard shall be final and binding on all concerned.

Provided no grievance or dispute regarding the decision of the Government under clause 6 (iii) above shall lie with any authority or tribunal or court, in respect of the decision.

  1. This scheme has been issued with the administrative approval of the Government under No………….. dated………… and concurrence of the Finance (Exp.) Department vide their U.O. No. ………….. .. dated …………. and with the approval of the Government under No. ………….. dated …………

Order and in the name of the

Governor of Goa



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