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Box type solar cooker is a simple, compact, box type device, having a mirror, which reflects sunrays on the cooking pots placed in an insulated box Components:

Plane reflecting mirror, Cooking pots, Double glass, Metal or wooden frame, Inner tray, Outer box, Handle, Thermal insulation, Double lid holder, Castle wheel


1) Keep the solar cooker in the sun away from the shade preferably on the plane surface of the roof

2) Adjust the cooker in such a way that the reflecting mirror faces the sun and the reflected rays fall on the transparent glass lid. Tighten the position by fixing the hinges of the mirror.

3) Keep the foods like rice, dhal, and vegetables to be cooked in the tightly covered blackened utensils, place the cooking pots inside and close the lid properly.

4) Once the cooking pots have been placed inside the cooker, the lid should not be opened unless required for cooking procedure, otherwise the heat trapped inside the box will leak out and food may remain uncooked

5) It cooks faster in summer than in winter. The time taken to cook will depend upon the type of the food, time of the day. The best time for cooking is between 11am and 2pm.cooking time is generally from   11/2  hrs to 2 1/2 hrs.

6) Any food cooked or baked in the solar cooker retains all the nutritious juices and flavors due to the process of simmering.

7)While removing the cooking pots after the food has been cooked, gloves or cloth napkins should be used. The lid should be opened fully.


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